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About Missin Peace


The MissinPeace™ Database is the much-needed solution to increase community relations, encourage positive policing, and reduce repeat law enforcement violence in the US.

About Missin Peace

The Missin Peace™ Database is the only SaaS that collects, stores, and analyzes real complaints of law enforcement violence from real people across the United States.

The Missin Peace™ Database stores and reports on information gathered from formal citizen complaints against law enforcement officers nationwide. The data collected is self-reported and includes complaints against local, state, and federal law enforcement officers in the United States. The information collected by this database is intended as a resource for transparency and public accountability between citizens, law enforcement agencies, and politicians.

Why Missin Peace

Established in 2017, The Missin Peace™ Database is an essential empowerment tool for communities and justice seekers making them the keeper of their own stories and manager of their own unbiased and unmanipulated records.  

We aggregate formal police complaints from the public (records often buried in internal databases) and make them accessible to investigative journalists, hiring managers, and attorneys in the pursuit of justice for all. We believe there is no police reform without the voice of the people.

Recent reports and news stories of police misconduct and brutality have revealed that many of these cases involve law enforcement officers with numerous complaints in their files unavailable to the public.

Many law enforcement agencies decline to provide information regarding police misconduct and brutality, while other agencies are prohibited by law to provide such information.  This is how The Missin Peace™ Database can help.

How You Can Support Us
You and/or your organization can support The Missin Peace™ Database three ways:
  1. Confidentially, upload and encourage others to upload law enforcement complaints by clicking here
  2. Share information about Missin Peace with others by forwarding this email or visiting our website.
  3. Invite us for a FREE presentation/demonstration on how the database works by clicking here
Contact Us
The information collected by this database is intended as a resource for transparency and public accountability between citizens, law enforcement agencies, and politicians. This database seeks to tear down the “blue wall of silence” by allowing researchers, activists, and defense attorneys to obtain reports on complaints filed against law enforcement officers. It is our hope that law enforcement agencies will be proactive and use this database to obtain a clearer picture of the individuals hired to serve and protect the citizens of America.

We solicit questions and feedback as this website is constantly developing to meet the needs of citizens, researchers, activists, and attorneys. For more information on 
The Missin Peace™ Database, please visit, or one of our Social Media Platforms


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